5 tips to waking up Happy

One thing our parents have always tried to inculcate in us is the habit of waking up early in the morning. I was not an early riser too and my Mom for sure tried her best to make me one. She couldn't do it alone so my anxiety pitched in.

For over one and a half years I would get anxiety attacks almost daily sometimes severe ones too. But since the past few months they have reduced down to once in every three weeks. All majorly because of this one habit I developed of waking up early. Waking up early gives you the liberty to complete all your work and be able to take put sufficient time for your self. It might also result in you ending up a multi tasker.

But waking up early alone won't do the trick. You have to wake up happy. You have to feel fresh and energetic everyday you open your eyes to a new morning.

In these times when the entire world is fighting an unseen enemy and many parts are under complete lockdown waking up feeling positive is the need of the hour.

Here I am sharing five useful tips that help me start my day on a happy note:

1. Eat a light dinner : Eating a light dinner helps you to feel fresh and doesn't make your body and mind lazy. I usually prefer eating two whole grain chapattis with cooked vegetables or a green salad for dinner. A light dinner also helps you lose those unwanted calories.

2. Keep your phone/p.c. aside 1 hour before bed: I have made it a ritual to keep my phone away and shut down my p.c. ,if I am working on it , one hour before bed. Read a novel or solve crosswords before falling asleep. This provides rest to your eyes and also calms your nervous system.

3. Organize everything for the next day beforehand: I personally recommend to everyone I know to organize tasks for the next before going to bed. This trick not only helps you compete your work in an organised manner but also saves a lot of time which you can utilise in developing other skills.

4. Do a 10 min yoga routine before bed: Develop the habit of doing a 10 min yoga routine before going to bed. This releases the happy hormones i.e. Dopamine in your body and you wake up feeling filled with energy the next day.

5. Wake up with the best smile every morning: This trick is my personal favourite. Waking up with the best smile every morning fills you with positivity and also helps you go about your day in an optimistic manner. I personally believe that a person starts glowing automatically if he/she puts on his/her best smile.

For a bonus tip I would like to share a very simple ritual my mother taught me which has helped me develop immensely.

6. Say these words to yourself before starting your day: Starting your day with positives thoughts is very important. And you can develop these positive thoughts on your own if you remind yourself about your goal everyday before starting off with your work. You see yourself working towards your goal each day.

I would love to hear more such tips from you in my comments. Do share your thoughts with me.

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