Estado Animico

Estado Animico means Mood in Spanish. But why is your mood on a particular day so dominating on your actions throughout the day? It is not always as jovial as it sounds in Spanish.

According to Wikipedia in contrast to emotions or feelings moods are less specific, less intense, and less likely to be provoked or instantiated by a particular stimulus or event.

Then why does our generation direct each and every action for the day according to their mood? They are often heard saying "I woke up in a happy mood today" or "I am not in the mood today."

It is not their mood for the day that directs their actions it is actually their feelings that decide how the day will proceed.

Feelings also affect our perspective on a particular situation. When you are happy you tend to see everything with a bright and optimistic perception but when you are low even the happiest news is not enough to lift your mood.

People often try to be productive but end up lying in bed all day and watching Netflix because they are feeling low.

This feeling of unwanted sadness or unproductiveness can be overcome by a simple trick.

Waking up early in the morning and telling yourself that you are happy. And by telling yourself I don't mean assuring yourself through mere words but meaning every line of what you say to yourself.

This simple trick can help you start your day on happy note, increase your productivity and release Dopamine i.e. the happy hormone in your body.

But that doesn't mean you are not allowed to feel sad or it is bad to feel sad or unproductive. It is okay to feel low on some days. But one should never lose the hope of happy days ahead.

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