It's My Body

A few days ago Instagram stories were filled with an incident #Boyslockerroom wherein boys aged between 15-18 had created a group on Instagram under the name Boys Locker Room where they shared demeaning pictures of girls some of whom were also underage and body shamed and ridiculed them. A fews days later a similar group by the name of #Girlslockerroom surfaced.

It is sad that instead of adressing the real issue people start converting everything into a Man vs Woman war. The main issue here was body shaming and the sharing of morphed photos of underage girls. But instead of adressing the real problem people started using the issue for personal grudges.

Body Shaming of an individual be it a girl or a boy is a crime irrespective of who does it. Passing homophobic comments, demeaning comments is often considered to be a way of making fun and enjoyment but what people don't understand is that such comments even if passed unconsciously can mentally affect the person to whom the comments are addressed.

It is really disheartening to see that instead of trying to solve the problem together as a society people start pointing fingers.

Nowadays its not only women who have to face such comments about their bodies, boys have to go through equal amount of reprimand from their peers and sometimes even their parents.

How a person wants to look, wants to dress, wants to walk, wants to get photographed is entirely their decision and no one else has a say in this let alone comment on it.

People need to understand that these issues have to be addressed on a gender neutral basis. These crimes, either done by a boy or a girl have to be dealt with equal strictness and the guilty irrespective of their gender should be brought to the book.

I have felt the pain of being talked in a filthy manner behind my back by people who called me their friend. I know how it affects a person's mental health and the way one thinks about themselves.

People need to stop feeding their personal ego in the name of Feminism. We need to understand that Feminism is not meant for putting women ABOVE rather placing both the genders at an EQUAL level.

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