Speak Up When it Matters

Taking a stand for what you think is right is hard to do.

You see something ethically wrong and questionable, come across someone not being included, end up listening to and offensive speech, disagree with an opinion that might have gained popularity overnight, feel an urge to express a different idea to the decision-making process. But often end up dismissing your idea or opinion.

We all like to think that if we saw something questionable happening around us and we should say something in these situations, but the truth is that we terribly fail at anticipating how we’ll feel in future about what we took a stand for and, for an entire bunch of other reasons, it can be incredibly difficult to speak up at the moment. Most people tend to not act, and then rationalize their inaction by the excuse of being "Neutral"

1. Speaking up can be psychologically very difficult

Standing up against something that is ethically incorrect while being free of prejudice is psychologically very difficult.

The person might feel stressed out and doubtful before speaking up or putting his/her views on a particular topic.

This happens because of two reasons:

a) The person doubts his/her understanding of the matter

b)The person is afraid of what impact it might create on future events.

For the first case before speaking up it is advisable to first verify your facts on the subject from multiple sources. Gain knowledge about the events that led to the discussion from every aspect and then put forward your opinion and stick to what you believe is right.

In the second case it is important to understand that if you have chosen to take up a side and it is not biased or influenced by your preferences or other such events then one should not be afraid of putting forward their opinion. You might have to face unpleasant situations and unwelcome criticism but if you stick to your opinion and it is right then in the end you'll emerge out victorious.

2. Work to lessen the social threat speaking up might create

While there can be many differences in degree and expression of each society related issue, everybody needs a sense of esteem within the group they take a side for. They hold a certain degree of confidence about their experience of life, freedom of choice, social bonds.

Thus when dealing with different individuals you might get either rewarded or threatened.

When you are speaking up to someone social status is amongst the first thing to be affected.

So it is very crucial to make it clear that you’re not out to get anyone, nor are you necessarily attributing ill will to a person or a group or a belief that you are speaking about.

3. Do not end up spreading hate

It is very necessary to keep in mind that if you are at a very important position in the society and speak up about a person/ a belief / a group of people you impact the opinions of other people who also hold the same opinion as you. Some of these people might end up spreading unwanted hate across various platforms affecting the social status of the other side.

Therefore it is very necessary to first educate the people you impact about not using your opinion as a medium of spreading hate before expressing your views.

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