Teagan is an Irish name which means beautiful, or attractive.

But what really comes to your mind when you hear the word "Beauty" or "Beautiful"?

Most of the people relate beauty to outer appearance. But beauty is not only about outer appearance. Beauty has a much deeper meaning than superficiality.

Beauty is rather perspective driven. By perspective driven I want to draw attention towards the point that what you find beautiful need not necessarily be beautiful for the other person. Some people find a Raflesia flower quite beautiful despite its smell but some people don't find it as beautiful and the smell is an added factor.

You might find their partners flawless because you are in love with them and chose to overlook things that might be wrong in your partner's behavior. But if your partner does something wrong to you it automatically changes your opinion towards them and suddenly they are no longer as beautiful to you as they used to be. The definition of beauty changes with perspective.

Everyone has his or her inner flaws, what makes us truly beautiful is what we think of ourselves while accepting those flaws. The image that we have of ourselves is a beautiful picture. The kind of aura we create around ourselves defines our beauty.

It is very important to have an image of yourself in your mind because then you are ble to point out work weaknesses easily and work on them. The picture which of yourself which you create in your mind is what you project to the world. Again some people might like it some people might not like it. The perspective of other people does not make you less or more beautiful. It is not necessary that you match everyone's perspective. What you expect from yourself is what you need to keep up with. If you see yourself not matching your own expectations then work towards a better you. But your efforts on developing yourself should not be based on other people's suggestions on how you should behave or dress. The efforts you put in should be able to help you match the picture that you have created for yourself.

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